Thursday, 17 January 2019

Black-necked Grebes at Abberton Reservoir

My tip for getting some reasonably close images is to get there early (fewer people). Stand back from the wall, as standing at the wall has the effect of pushing the birds further away including the Goosanders. And to give it some time, a little patience. Or maybe I got lucky!

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Abberton Reservoir

Arrived on the Layer de la Haye causeway 07:45 and the day was beginning to dawn, there was just a small amount of orange sky otherwise it was still quite dusky and I needed to up my ISO on my camera to 2000 and probably should have tried even higher as freezing movement was difficult.
I thought I had counted 11 Great White Egrets but now looking at this picture it looks like there were 12. The low light, even with a high ISO couldn't get s sharp image. These were east of Layer de la Haye causeway along the southern edge and close.

Great White Egret a little sharper as the light began to improve

As the day began there was just this small area of orange sky but no sun appeared during my visit sadly!

Part of a group of 70+ Goosanders

female Goosander

Great White Egret

Another Great White

drake Goosander

2 Black-necked Grebes

Black-necked Grebe with patience they would come in close to the causeway.

Bewick Swan

2 of the 4 Bewick Swans present

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Five images I quite like from 2018

Bearded Tit at Rainham Marshes

Cattle Egret at Rainham Marshes

Fieldfare in Asda's car park Dagenham

Great Crested Grebe at Paxton Pits

Migrant Hawker at Rainham Marshes

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Frosty start but a beautiful clear blue sky

This morning was so nice I just had to walk our dog over our local park, Gorsebrook Park, it's the first time I've taken my camera with me, as the last time I went a Grey Wagtail showed really well from the bridge over the brook. Needless to say today I did see two both flyovers and on more than one occasion. I did take a few pictures though.
female House Sparrow showing so close with a clear blue sky as a backdrop, shame I chopped her tail off!

1st Time I've read a ring here at Goresbrook a Herring Gull with an orange ring marked Z2HT

Couldn't resist this Grey Heron perched on the roof of a nearby house

I dropped the dog off at home and popped to Mayesbrook Park for an hour only managed to read one gull ring but it was a new one for the site for me.
Pied Wagtail still a few of these at Mayesbrook

Herring Gull with an orange ring marked F6WT first time I've seen this bird at Mayesbrook

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Mayesbrook Park this morning

I'd planned today to go to Gunner's Park near Southend to see the photogenic Black-throated Diver. Just as I was about to leave I had a message to say there was no sign of the diver today and as it was on a quite small lake it had probably moved on. So, Mayesbrook Park it was then!

It was overcast with light drizzle as I arrived, but then the sun came out for a while and we almost got a rainbow, it stayed like that until 11am when in began to rain intermittently.

**NEWS FLASH** I had a Cetti's Warbler singing at the western end of south lake and have only just this morning (Monday) realised it's the first I have heard or seen at Mayesbrook Park this year!

A brief period of sunshine, looking across north lake

pair of Egyptian Geese

He looks a character, don't here? friendly he was too!

Someone thought they were doing the best thing for their pet a turtle which had probably got to big for them to manage. Pretty sure it's a Yellow-bellied Slider, it is native to south-eastern United States specifically from Florida to south-eastern Virginia and is the most common turtle in the area. More research is required to discover how long they can survive in our environment and whether they breed successfully in the UK.

Great to see the Rangers and The Conservation Volunteers have planted a good number of native trees including Silver Birch, Hawthorn, Dog Rose, Wild Cherry, Alder, Holly, Oak and Pine

Pied Wagtail

Little Egret takes flight from The Mayes Brook

Robin belting out his winter song

It was good to see the Polish rung Black-headed Gull T74W had returned for the winter, I last saw it on 5th March. It was rung on 19th May 2017 at Jankowo, KUJAWSKO-POMORSKIE, POLAND and was in it's 2nd calendar year.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Reading Rings

A Dullish morning with fog early on and then a brief bright brighter spell before rain set in. During the best part of the morning I went to Mayesbrook Park looking for any ringed gulls. The numbers there are growing probably around 3-400 so far and I did manage to read one which was a new one for me at Mayesbrook.

I've sent the details to the North Thames Gull Group and will receive it's history shortly. It was good to see the Rangers and a group of The Conservation Volunteers planting trees. Which I'm sure this Blackbird will appreciate.

I also when I get a chance to read the rings on the Mute Swans, managed two today 4COC which I've seen a few times and 4BZT which I hadn't seen before. I send the records to The East Anglia Swan Study Group.

adult winter Black-headed Gull this bird showed a light pink flush to it's underparts which they can do. It looked pinker than in this picture.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Mayesbrook Park

Had a walk around the park this morning, first time for just over a month. Gull numbers are beginning to build but, most were on the water so hard to see if they had any leg rings. Did find a Black-headed Gull with ring 2J20 my first for this winter and the first time I have seen this individual here. Also read a new Mute Swan ring 4COC. Luckily bumped in to a roving tit flock which included a few Long-tails.
Black-headed Gull with ring 2J2O

Long-tailed Tit part of a passing tit flock

I think he's spotted something!

Common Gull

Common Gull about to take off