Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Spent today with the Essex team at Minsmere Nature Reserve on the Suffolk coast. The sun shone beautifully and still is, as we travel back to Essex. The reserve has undergone some new and exciting developments and initiatives this year. These all add to the visitors enjoyment; from a discovery area for families and schoolchildren to a fantastic new island mere hide. We saw stone curlews, marsh harrier, little gull, bearded tits and some even saw a bittern. We also saw red Deer, rabbits, dragonflies and caterpillars….superb day out!
New Information Board
Children can learn about some of Minsmere’s wildlife whilst playing in the new 'Wild Zone'. There are tunnels to explore and become sand martin chicks. There’s a forest of logs carved to look like reeds, with a huge willow-woven bittern nest and eggs in the middle. There’s a play tree, where they can become squirrles, and a migration maze where they can discover how avocets, sand martins and wigeon migrate to Minsmere. Four listening posts introduce some of the sounds of Minsmere.

From the Wild Zone, you can explore the Wild Wood Adventure, with its seek and find activities, den building and river-watch hide for younger children, before seeing some of Minsmere’s wildlife for real from the Wildlife Lookout.

The Wild Zone and Wild Wood Adventure offer something exciting for families on a visit to Minsmere. The Discovery Centre, which is used by visiting schools as a great focal point for their visit, is also used for public family fun days during school holidays.
Sand Martin Tunnel
I just had to have a look inside the new sand martin tunnels (why should kids have all the fun!). Loved it and a fantastic way for children to explore and learn.

The new shop and cafe looks as though it has always been a lovely light, airy and open space, it’s hard to even remember where the old walls started and finished. And the Dyson hand-driers; I love them, no more wiping hands down the back of my jeans!

If you have never been to this RSPB flagship nature reserve, you really should, there honestly, is something here for everyone. And don’t forget to try the homemade cakes…mmmm…..yummy

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Wow What A Day!

Wow, wow, wow, I am knackered but what a great day. Up at silly hour this morning 03.45 and led a dawn chorus guided walk at 5 am. I gotta say though, it really is worth making the effort to get out early at this time of the year. There are no distracting background sounds, all you hear is the superb sound of the natural world going about its daily business. We had nightingale, cuckoo, warblers, thrushes, robin and many more…wonderful.

Spent the rest of the day to 5 pm, running our visitor centre. Making apple bird feeders and running adventure trails with the visiting families, terrific. I am lucky to have such an enjoyable job.

Trying to stay awake now to watch the champions league final!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Meet Coco

This is my little mate Coco, ‘ain’t she cute? She is around 16 months old and a rescue dog. What is she? Well she is a cross Shih Tzu & Chihuahua and a lovely little dog.

Coco - mans best friend