Thursday, 9 August 2012

Times they are a changing, well at least for some!

The breeding season is over, migrants are preparing to leave the country and the birds around us are a-changing.

Well, most birds!
Wood Pigeon - Ben Hall
A pair of woodpigeons in my garden are bucking the trend. I have been watching them flying about carrying twigs. They rummage around in gardens for suitable building material before flapping into the air with their awkward cargo and disappearing into a fir tree at the bottom of my neighbours garden.

Pigeons and doves are some of the few species that can breed at almost any time of year. Their food sources enable them to be more flexible than other birds – blue tits, for example, are largely dependent on certain caterpillars, so a breeding attempt without those creepy-crawlies is a non-starter.

I even remember seeing a pair of collared doves participating in some festive fornication during the Christmas holidays one year!

So, keep an eye out for strange goings-on in your garden, on your way to the shops or in the park – you never know what you might see!