Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Few Days In Buckinghamshire

Spent the last few days visiting my family in Buckinghamshire, stayed with my mum and managed to catch-up with my four sisters and brother. I am the only one to have moved away from my home county. I tell them it was to get away from them lol. It is always great to go home and see them all and for me to also see the Red Kites.

While I was growing up in Risborough, Red Kites were confined to Wales and I would annually travel to see them. How things have changed, with the successful reintrduction to England, they are now literally commoner than sparrows, well al least in my mum's garden they are. The maximum I counted in the air at once was twelve, while during three days the House Sparrows never made it to double figures! Should we be concerned for the humble House Sparrow? I for one think so!

I took loads of flight shots and never managed one sharp image, must try harder!

Good to see the female Blackcap, that I noticed back in December was still present and feeding on the fatballs.

These two images are for my mum and the last one is absolutely true, bless her.