Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Essex Birding drops onto my mat!

Yesterday the latest copy of 'Essex Birding' dropped on to my mat. I have today only just had a chance to look at it, as yesterday the weather was so good, I spent the day at Hockley Woods. I hadn't intended to spend the whole day there, infact the afternoon I had planned to visit Goldhanger. But, finding a Lesser Spotted woodpecker took me all day and even then I didn't manage it! Can't complain though, I had a great day, in a great location with wonderful sunshine. I saw at least six Great Spotted and one Green Woodpecker, along with Treecreeper, Nuthatch and a singing male Coal Tit, a local rarity these days!

Anyway, back to the magazine, Essex Birding is the journal of the Essex Birdwatching Society and is published twice yearly.

An excellent magazine, this current issue has 48 pages, full of topical and informative articles, usually penned by group members. There is always a comprehensive 'Recent Reports & Bird News section covering the prevoius six months. I can't recommend Essex Birding highly enough, if you live in Essex and have an interest in ornithology, you really should be a member and support your county bird club. You recieve the journal twice a year, as well as the annual bird report all for just £16 per year. You can join here