Monday, 13 May 2013

Early morning visit to The Chase

Yesterday morning an early visit to Dagenham Chase, a male Kestrel was perched close to the path and I managed to grab my camera and take one shot before it flew.

Kestrel - I think he is watching me!
Moved on to look over the slack, where the Lapwings had recently hatched chicks, one pair had four, while a second pair had just the one. They will take 35-40 days to fledge, so the parents have a busy few weeks ahead chasing off any threats to their offspring.

Do you know the collective noun for a group of Lapwings?

Also on the slack were two Common Terns, which appeared to be checking out one of the small islands, so fingers crossed. Numbers of Swift has increased over the last week and Reed Warbler numbers too, the reeds were alive with birdsong.