Monday, 14 October 2013

Parrot Crossbills Revisited

Decided to go back to Gunners Park today, to have another look at the Parrot Crossbills, if they were still there! Good news, all four birds were still present and showing well in the two small spruce trees. Decided to try and phone scope them this time with my iPhone 4s and Swarovski scope. Three of the better shots are below, each has been cropped slightly with just a little sharpening. I am fairly happy with the results.

They flew off west at one point alarm calling as they went and disappeared from view, apparently they had done this before and soon returned. After ten minutes they were back. Sadly, for some who arrived after 11.15 this morning, they again flew off west and hadn't returned by 3.30 pm when I left the site. I hadn't witnessed them fly off this time, as I had moved to the lake area and was watching a flighty Ring Ouzel. I did see them flying over north of the lake and they were calling as they headed west.

On returning to the spruce trees at around 2 pm, I learnt that they had this time not returned. There were around 25 birders looking and hoping that they may still return. This searching led to a Yellow-browed Warbler being found, it was associating with a mobile tit flock which also included at least three Chiffchaffs. It only ever showed briefly and was frustratingly silent, otherwise I'm certain it would have been picked up more frequently.