Monday, 31 March 2014

Rainham Marshes

Spent a few hours at Rainham Marshes today, had a good relaxing walk around the reserve. Noticed this Grey Heron eating a Frog, I think it is probably a Marsh Frog. The heron managed to manipulate it into position before swallowing it whole, head first.

 Don't Mute Swans build large nests!

 I love Little Grebes, cracking little birds and I spent sometime watching one catching sticklebacks.

 Male Reed Bunting pulling apart reedmace,

Just found these two images of the Jack Snipe on my phone. I'd forgotten I'd taken them! The bird was distant and these were taken by holding my phone to the scope. I know they really are rubbish shots, but you can just about see what it is!