Thursday, 12 June 2014

Garden - Swifts

Still trying to get a half decent shot of a Swift from our garden, I'm making headway, but only slightly. Swifts are the most numerous species being seen from our garden currently, with around 15 today. They are not present all the time and are often feeding too high to photograph. But occasionally they do come down lower, particularly when they are chasing each other, at times nose to tail.

My best effort so far today, but the day isn't over yet!
Goldfinches are seen daily flying over the garden, but today two landing in the tree at the bottom of the garden. With great fieldcraft and not really, I just wandered to the end of our path and fired off a few shots! They were collecting insects in the top of the tree and never completely in the open. They stayed only a couple of minutes.

Well at least you can see what it is! Go on son lift your head.....
Thank You!