Sunday, 14 September 2014


Delivered workshops at two allotment sites this weekend, both were fun and well attended. These sunflowers were impressive, this image doesn't do them justice. They were about 10' tall, very stunning.

 These yellow flowers Rudbeckia fulgida took my fancy and I will definately get some for my garden.  Its flowers are certainly among the most yellow of yellows. Large golden discs - their colour made all the more intense by black, velvety centres - open in huge abundance during early September and continue in succession until the end of October. In some years they go on glowing into the murkiness of November. The plant stands about 18" high and looks very impressive when one flower bed contains only these.

 One of the plotholders had created this impressive small pond, beautifully planted and with some interesting focal pieces, again the image doesn't really do it justice.