Thursday, 8 January 2015

Slavonian Grebe at Wanstead Park

Yesterday morning I couldn't resist going to see an apparently showy Slavonian Grebe less than twenty minutes from my home. The weather was brighter this morning with some cloudy sunshine and the Slavonian Grebe was quickly spotted on my arrival at grid-reference TQ 41466 87228.

I had parked in Northumberland Avenue, Wanstead close to the gates and as I walked through the gates Heronry Pond was on my left and the slav was feeding under the nearest overhanging willows along the south side of the pond.

It was indeed showing very well, but frustratingly almost the whole time staying along the shaded southern side of the pond. It did once come across towards the northern side and the better light.

A cracking little bird and well worth the visit

A Kingfisher used the overhanging willows to fish, but was often obscured

I did manage to quietly move and grab a clearer shot though!

Two Egyptian Geese were also on the pond