Friday, 27 February 2015

Bittern and a Newt

Spent most of the day at RSPB Rainham Marshes today. A frosty start but a beautiful sunny day. Started at the stone barges and walked along the river to Coldharbour Point, here I saw a Water Pipit. Well to be honest it saw me first three times! as I tried to get views of it on the deck for more than a second, flighty bugger! Retraced my steps and spent the next hour or so on the serin mound. Decided to take some landscape shots, which I'm rubbish at, sat down to swap the lens back to the longer focal length one, I had got one off when blow me a Bittern got up and flew across to the main reedbed on Wennington Marsh. I left the camera and grabbed my bins because this is the first one I have seen at Rainham. I then waited another hour, camera in hand hoping it would fly again, of course it didn't!

On the reserve and just past Purfleet hide walking clockwise I spotted a Smooth Newt attempting to cross the path, I stood there for 40 minutes photographing it and pointing it out to anyone walking ensuring it crossed the path without getting squished. I'm certain I haven't seen any Newts at Rainham before, more to do I guess with me not looking rather than them not being there!

 Some views below from the serin mound

Two minutes after taking this the Bittern flew from the reeds middle right and landed just behind and to the right of the square beige box in the middle!

A Buzzard spiraled over mobbed by crows

A few other species seen on the reserve.

Mute Swan



Reed Bunting

Reed Bunting