Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Birthday Walk

Yesterday was my birthday and where better to start the day than at Rainham Marshes. I had intended to spend most of the day on the reserve, I did this a few years back and saw a Stone Curlew on my birthday at Rainham. Alas, no such luck this year, the sun was shining and in the woodland out of the wind it was quite pleasant. A male Great Spotted Woodpecker appeared high up on a tree in the cordite store. I could clearly see the red patch on the back of it's head and then knew it was a male. Lots of bird activity around the woodlands, with many of our common species singing and displaying, I stayed an our or so soaking it in. A pair of Long-tailed Tits appeared to be nest building and I managed a picture of one.

Out on the reserve the wind was whipping across the openness and the sun had disappeared add to this the fact that many of our winter visiting species had headed back north, and our summer visitors are still making their way to us, birding was quite and I finished around 1pm.