Friday, 13 March 2015

Making space for our summer arrivals!

Spent most of today at RSPB Rainham Marshes, started early at the west end hoping for summer migrants. Alas, despite some good spring weather, I could find no early summer migrants! Things though have certainly changed during the last week, I could find only one each of Golden Plover and Dunlin. Lapwing numbers also reduced as are wildfowl numbers, as I said to Howard, this all means there is now space for all those summer arrivals, all they've got to do is get here!

Spring was definitely in the air with lots of birds singing & displaying, and really good to watch and listen to redshanks displaying. The males stiff winged display flight is to impress the female in their lives, and also to send a signal of aggression to other males.

Wren belting out his song

Linnet singing away
Not unusual I know but the Robin in the images below was extremely confiding, I sat still and at one point it came so close I couldn't focus on it!

 Whereas the Water Rail below just wouldn't quite venture in to the open for me.

This pair of Little Grebes were displaying to each other, they dived and collected weed, but the display was brief and over far to quickly. My best efforts are below.