Thursday, 30 April 2015

Butterflies & Hoverflies

Spent most of today at Rainham Marshes, never added any new species to my year list, even though there were at least three additions there yesterday! Oh well, it was great to sit and chat with Dave Cornwall and later with Mark Vale, I picked both their brains on butterflies, of which a number of different species were seen today including Orange-tip, Green-veined White, Holly Blue & Speckled Wood.

Robin giving it some

Orange-tip male
H. pendulus is the only Helophilus with the hind tibiae extensively pale - they are usually yellow on the basal two-thirds. The face has a black stripe like H. hybridus and the abdominal markings are much like female hybridus, though pendulus averages smaller and yellower in colour.

This is our most frequent Helophilus, a widespread and common species found in variety of habitats, but especially lushly-vegetated places where pools, ditches or other wet areas are present. The rat-tailed larvae have been found in ditches and other shallow water, also wet manure and wet sawdust.
Helophilus pendulus Common Tiger Hoverfly
Speckled Wood

another Robin