Saturday, 12 September 2015

New Kids On The Block - Well a relatively new Bee & Damselfly!

How do they know? The wonderful Ivy around the cordite entrance at RSPB Rainham Marshes has only just begun to flower. And yesterday there were lots of Colletes hederae Ivy Bees feeding on the flowering ivy.

The Ivy Bee is a species of mining bee that was first recorded in Britain in 2001. As the name suggests, it forages almost exclusively at flowers of Ivy, and flies only from September to mid-November (ie during the flowering period of Ivy). And even more amazing than being a recent UK coloniser, it was described as new to science as recently as 1993!

Ivy Bee Colletes hederae

Ivy Bee Colletes hederae

An even newer colonist to the UK - Willow Emerald Damselfly Lestes viridis

Very few twentieth century records, but recorded in numbers from southeast Suffolk during 2009, with outlying sites in southeast Norfolk and north Essex. In 2010 again present in these areas, with additional records from south Essex and north Kent.

This one showed well from the troll bridge, that is the small bridge which runs north to south just before the grassland which leads to the Ken Barret hide.

A few other images from yesterdays visit.

A Bearded Tit skulking in the base of the reeds

Marsh Frog

young Common Lizard

Wasp Spider wrapping up a hoverfly

Common Carder Bee Bombus pascuorum