Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Saddle of Thorns!

For the last three weeks we have been without a car, so my trips to Rainham Marshes have been by C2C from Dagenham Dock station. Dagenham Dock is more than a mile from my house and the walk home at the end of the day carrying all my gear was never pleasant!

A great idea, a fold-up bike, take it on the train, speedier and easier journey home, perfect. So today I decided to give it a go, except I thought it would be pleasant to cycle to the stone barges and then follow the river to the reserve. It seems only a short distance when you are in a car and I hadn't counted on saddle soreness and my thighs feeling like they were going to explode! It took me over two hours, which included some birding. The problem is little wheels and a fixed gear, a slight incline and I had to get off and push. And I'm sure my backside would give a female glow worm a run for her money!

The Instrument of Torture!
 Out on the reserve was fairly quite, but it was so good to be off the bike! Highlight was four Whinchats out near the toilet block, they never allowed close approach so rubbish images, sorry.


Willow Emerald still from the Troll Bridge


Hornet Mimic Hoverfly Volucella zonari