Friday, 11 September 2015

Turnstone today at Rainham Marshes - My first here this year!

I was sat in the cafe having not long arrived eating a toasted teacake, when Lawrence came back from walking the seawall and showed us a great image of a Turnstone feeding along the tideline. Having not seen one at Rainham this year I gobbled down my teacake and headed off. The tide was coming in and within 20 minutes the Turnstone's preferred feeding area was underwater, but fortunately it flew closer to where i was sat and was now just feet away from me, so reminiscent of Southend Pier.
Tide is coming in

But, the Turnstone is not moving!

It's feet are now getting wet

Doggedly hanging on!

Not until it's feeding area was covered did it move!

Just in the nick of time too!

And it flies towards even closer to me!

Image is hardly cropped it was that close!