Monday, 22 August 2016

Camley Street Natural Park

Made my first visit today to London Wildlife Trust's Camley Street, which is surprising really, considering the amount of times I have been to Kings Cross station and it is less than a ten minute walk from the station.

I've heard lots of great things about Camley Street over the years and I can confirm now that they are all true. What an amazing place and right in the heart of London. It is only two acres, but has a tremendous variety of habitats including Regents Canal. The area is managed beautifully by a fantastic team of volunteers and wildlife is obviously important. But what I really like is, connecting visitors to wildlife appears equally as important. From ponds with dipping platforms, where families are encouraged to grab a net and tray and go explore beneath the pond's surface. To mini-beast areas where you are obliged to lift things up and look underneath, and I do mean obliged as almost every log had a convenient handle to make lifting it easy. Innovative viewing points, especially the one on the canal, a green barge moored on the canal and planted with woodland species. There is also an outdoor living area complete with clay ovens.
One of the many log piles

Pond with dipping platform

Lovely big dipping platform

All trails are either boardwalks or wood chip and level
Grey Heron from the canal viewing area

Another pond with great natural edges

Clay ovens

Outdoor living area

View along Regents Canal, Granary Square is to the left and see below what was on the patch of grass beside the canal!
One of a pair of Egyptian Geese on that small patch of distant grass. No I didn't walk closer I used my cameras zoom!