Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hen Harrier Day @ RSPB Rainham Marshes

First off I have got to say a huge thank you to Howard, Andrew and the team at Rainham and all their brilliant volunteers for hosting a superb rally, and to Lisa and the team at BAWC for putting the whole event together. And who organised the weather....superb!

And secondly; I'm now a conservation activist!..... and as Chris Packham said yesterday "a conservation activist and not an animal rights activist, there is a big difference" and I'm proud to be one! Although to be honest I probably always have been, as over the years I have spoken to hundreds if not thousands of people raising awareness to the plight of our environment.
Yesterdays rally had a real positive vibe set in a friendly atmosphere with inspirational speakers and a steely determination that this campaign will not only succeed but has to succeed. Not only for our Hen Harriers but for all our native species which are being illegally killed on our upland grouse moors. With your help the 20th September 2016 could be a massive milestone in securing the future of our Hen Harriers. It is the date that the petition on the government's website ends, this is a crucial petition, with 100,000 signatures it will go to debate in parliament and that debate is not only needed but will be crucial. So if you haven't signed it and over 74,000 have, please CLICK HERE and sign it now.
Did I say there were some inspirational speakers! Well there were three Charlie Moores Birders Against Wildlife Crime who superbly put in to context what Hen Harrier Day is all about. Mike Clarke RSPB's Chief Executive who not only spoke about the RSPBs role in Hen Harrier Day but also connected it brilliantly to the Thames marshes. And last but certainly not least Chris Packham who has, with his passion and dedication taken this campaign and other campaigns to a much wider audience. He as all the speakers did, spoke with passion and enthusiasm which inspired the hundreds of people  listening. And the whole rally was brilliantly linked together by Dr Mark Avery

Welcome to RSPB Rainham Marshes

Havering Local RSPB Group members

Just look at that sky....what a day!

Just some of those attending the rally

Says it all really!

A selfie

Chris Packham inspiring the crowd

Mike Clarke making it local

Chris Packham & Dr Mark Avery

Dr Mark Avery making the day flow

We want more Hen Harriers skydancing!
Looking west towards Canary Wharf