Thursday, 24 November 2016

Wildlife Garden Conference @ NHM

Yesterday I attended the Wildlife Gardening Forum's conference in the Flett lecture theatre at the Natural History Museum. This year's theme was European wildlife and nature gardeners and learning from each other. There were speakers from Germany, Belgium, Holland, Ireland and Scotland. All doing really inspirational work with quite a focus expectedly on urban wildlife and a very strong focus on engaging the young. With a number of school grounds and local parks being transformed to encourage both wildlife and people.

A quick refreshment break
 During lunch there were guided walks around the wildlife garden at the museum, we know there are going to be massive changes to the garden as the museum develops the area to become more of an obvious entrance in to the museum. Not all of the changes will benefit the 3,000 odd species of flora & fauna recorded during the last 21 years of the garden's existence. And it was a shame that the guide had obviously been muzzled as far as the development goes having to stick to the corporate script. I think that actually says a lot!!!

An interesting way of keeping falling leaves out of a pond in autumn

Explaining the garden's development!