Friday, 30 June 2017

That confirms garden is in Essex!!

Had two Essex Skipper Butterflies in my garden this afternoon feeding on Lavender plants.

A small butterfly with a darting flight, widespread in England and Wales. Bright orange-brown wings held with forewings angled above hind wings. Males have thin black line through centre of forewing, parallel to leading edge. Small Skipper is similar but lacks black tips to antenna (best viewed head on) and has longer scent brand, angled to edge of forewing.

Essex Skipper butterflies closely resemble and are often found in company with Small Skippers. Because of the similarities, the Essex Skipper has been overlooked both in terms of recording and ecological study, and it was the last British resident species to be described (in 1889).

The distribution of the Essex Skipper in Britain has more than doubled in the last few decades. Find out more on Butterfly Conservation's website.