Saturday, 22 July 2017

Rainham - A breezy rove!

Yesterday was the reserve's late night opening and I had all good intentions of spending the day and evening out on the marshes. Alas by late afternoon I was starting to flag and booked my lift home! It was a breezy but enjoyable walk around the reserve and amazingly (in the wind) a juvenile Bearded Tit actually showed itself briefly at the top of a reed stem!
Looking along the River Thames towards London

The Mardyke Bridge leads straight to the RSPB Centre

CELESTINE - Ro-Ro Cargo Ship built in 1996 she is a whopping 163m in length!

A splash of colour in the wildlife garden

An Egyptian Goose from 'Butts Hide'

Damn I think it's seen me!

Little Egret in spin-dry mode!

Red Admiral

Common Lizard

Bearded Tit with lunch!

You gotta love Little Grebes and their humbug like young!

This youngster was being fed a small fish

Another juvenile, any ideas.........well one of it's parents is below!

Adult Goldfinch