Monday, 25 February 2019

Coalhouse Fort

Spent a few hours in East Tilbury on the hottest February day since records began. To be honest I was there from 10:15 to 15:15 and on such a sunny day it was not great for photography. I really need to get myself out during what they call "The Golden Hours". These are the hour or so as the sun rises and sets.

I spent a quite a bit of time looking for the Twite and eventually finding them, but they were pretty flighty whenever I got any where near they were off, or i was looking directly in to the sun, still at least I saw them. Also of interest two adult Med Gulls flew over calling.

managed a Meadow Pipit

and a Long-tailed Tit

male Stonechat, there were a few Stonechats but never close

female Reed Bunting


Looks lik a tug out of Felixstow

Part of the moat and looking across the River Thames to the massive cranes at DP World London Gateway Port

and I met this friendly chap at the end

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