Sunday, 14 April 2019

A day on the marshes

After a bird filled week particularly on the Thames, I was looking forward to spotting a few scarse species. The truth though is that finding passage migrants was hard but I did manage Sand Martin and Sedge Warbler both in small numbers, although the warblers were singing well as were many other species as the breeding season begins.
Common Lizard warming it's self in the sun

Coot well on it's way to finishing it's nest



Common Lizard on one of the boardwalks

Heavily cropped Sedge Warbler singing, there were at least for songsters on the reserve

Shooting Butts with the number four now complete, just needs a bit of weathering

Can you spot the female Soveler in amongst the nine males? They were chasing her relentlessly hoping to be the successful suitor


Hoverfly Syrphus sp

Hoverfly a Syrphus sp

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