Sunday, 12 May 2019

Rainham Marshes

Arrived around 7am and had planned to stay until 10:30ish, but plans change. Started off with views of the Short-eared Owl in the enclosed bay area. It never really came closed hence the heavily cropped images. Amazing it is still around.

Short-eared Owl in the enclosed Bay

Short-eared Owl

Short-eared Owl
 The tide was beginning to recede as high tide was just after 6am today. I walked the seawall from the small car park, there were a few swifts around and I tried to get a shot, but they are a bit quick!
My best effort at a Swift image
As it was high tide a number of species were flying along the River Thames which by the way looked like a mill pond, so flat and calm.


Mute Swan
A report of two Temminck's Stint on Aveley Flash had made up my mind, I will do a circuit of the reserve. Unfortunately, the Stints had flown towards targets and were not seen again, at least while I was there. Compensation though was a Barn Owl in its box and a Spotted Flycatcher in the cordite, both were new species for the year for me!

Green-veined White

Spotted Flycatcher

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